RGA Design: New Website

RGA is pleased to finally launch our new website to both our current and potential clients! 

Seems like we’ve been working on this update forever. Actually most of our work has been focused on satisfying our clients, and growing our business in terms of number of clients and employees.

Thankfully though, we were able to divert just enough of our attention to get this little side project completed. Now we can show it off and use it to show off RGA off better. We’re proud of the work we do and of our family-like atmosphere at work.

You can learn more about RGA by clicking the About tab and Company Events under the Blog tab. We have a few staff bios now and mention some of our past company parties. We plan to add more of both in the future.

As a service to our visitors, we also plan to highlight helpful industry specific information in the Industry News section of our Blog tab.

Check Out Our Dry Utility Project Services Pages

Our new website has a lot more content in our Project Services. While we offer our services as a package, we thought that having a web page for each of our services would help people better understand what we do. So if you’d like to understand our services better, you can click the

  • Project Services tab and pick from the following:
  • Applicant Design Services
  • Dry Utilities Project Design and Management
  • Dry Utility Design
  • External Lighting Design

The Applicant Design Services page talks about our work getting approvals from the various utility companies involved in development projects. We get the utility companies’ design requirements, create first submittal drawings for gas and electric services and coordinate with cable and telephone companies.

The Dry Utilities Project Design and Management page focuses on the services we provide in running the dry utility approval project itself. Gathering input needed to create the designs, creating the various designs needed at different stages of the project, and getting the designs approved is a significant project itself. We’re happy to manage all that work on behalf of our clients, so they can focus on other project elements.

The Dry Utility Design page is where we talk about engineering and creating the designs themselves. We do the work needed to create preliminary intent drawings, continue through the joint trench and composite drawings, and end with the various cross section drawings needed.

The External Lighting Design page is where we shed light (pun intended) on designing and laying out the electric circuits and select light poles and street light fixtures needed for landscaping, parking lots, and other exterior elements.

We’d Like to Thank

Finally we’d like to thank the team at Creatability for designing and developing our new website and Writing Jim for helping us with some of the site’s writing. We couldn’t have done it without you guys, thanks!


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