Our Inside Experience Simplifies Dry Utility Project Design and Management

Dry Utility Project Approval Services for Experienced Developers

Experienced developers know that getting construction approvals from utilities take time and in-depth knowledge. They also know that getting approvals from PG&E is particularly challenging and time-consuming.

That’s why RGA Design exists. To help developers meet those challenges as painlessly and cost-effectively as possible. RGA Design’s founders and staff have over 86 years as PG&E employees, so we personally know how to work with their employees to get your joint trench (JT) drawings and gas, electric, cable and phone specs designed and approved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’re also familiar with the design and construction requirements at AT&T, Comcast, Astound, Silicon Valley Power, City of Palo Alto, Modesto Irrigation District, Verizon, Charter, and SMUD. We know how to satisfy utility companies’ design and project needs, so you don’t have to.

Avoid Dry Utilities Design Project Management Headaches

Coordinating the work of engineers, drafters, and reviewers in multiple construction companies, utilities, and government jurisdictions is not easy. Managing competing personnel and budget resources and timelines takes experience, knowledge, and good people skills. First as Robert Gray and Associates and now as RGA Design, we’ve successfully shepherded hundreds of dry utility designs through these project steps:

  • Meet with stakeholders to learn their project needs and create a consolidated list of requirements to ensure all are addressed before digging begins
  • Create and coordinate JT applications to applicable gas, electric, phone and cable utilities
  • Create joint trench composite drawings
  • Create bid documents
  • Schedule and attend pre-construction meeting
  • Review and analyze utility contracts (if applicable)

We communicate clearly and consistently to keep stakeholders and other project members informed, involved, and coordinated. As project managers we put ourselves in your shoes to ensure we save you and your project both time and money.

To save you more time and money, we can also provide services in these areas:

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