External Lighting Design to Lighten Your Project Load

Street and parking lot lights. If your project includes that kind of exterior lighting or landscape lighting in general, you’ll need external lighting design services. The kind that include planning the street circuit layout, indicating where exterior lighting ties into each circuit and how those circuits tie into the electric company’s service points.

RGA Design can help. Commercial exterior lighting design is one of the services we’re proud to offer our clients. We work with our clients’ timelines on design, agency approval coordination and preparing documents for construction.

Our in-house staff is also qualified to perform exterior lighting design, including the photometric calculations required by governmental authorities. We’ll ensure your outdoor lighting complies with state and local laws.

We work with our clients’ timelines on electrical engineering, agency approval coordination and preparing documents for construction. And because we do the design work in-house, we can substantially shorten your project time.

RGA Design’s Exterior Lighting Design Services

At RGA Design we handle these external lighting design responsibilities and ensure they’re done correctly:

  • Design complete street, parking lot and landscape lighting layout
  • Conduct computerized lighting studies (photometrics)
  • Select light poles and street light fixtures based on functionality and style needed
  • Perform necessary electrical design to support external lighting

Let RGA Design Lighten Your Landscape and Load

If you’re project includes external lighting such as landscaping, street and parking lot lighting, contact RGA Design. Our internal lighting experts have helped hundreds of our clients light their project’s exterior landscapes and comply with government regulations.

Fill out our Contact Form, so we can lighten your project lighting load.