Get Effective, Cost-Efficient Dry Utility Designs

High quality dry utility designs for land development. It doesn’t sound like a big thing, but it is.

A lot of planning is required to calculate a development’s needs and design gas, electric, telephone and cable infrastructure to meet those needs and comply with regulatory requirements.

Experienced developers and civil engineers know they can trust RGA Design to provide that design expertise.

Our deep knowledge of utility standards and tariffs enables us to develop an effective, cost-efficient solution for your development or redevelopment project. We’re used to working with utility companies—our company’s founders have several decades of combined experience  working inside PG&E. They share that knowledge with our designers and drafters who bring their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to the projects we take on.

In-House Expertise for Design Responsibilities

We have a diverse staff at RGA Design. We’re experienced, excited, engaged, and we love designing. We want your project to succeed because we view our clients’ projects as our projects. We brainstorm ideas, analyze alternative solutions and identify the best solution to problems so we all succeed.

Here are some of the design responsibilities we take on as project team members:

  • Verify existing site conditions
  • Estimate project costs
  • Prepare preliminary intent drawings and utility Form A
  • Design and create gas and electric designs
    (See our Applicant Design Page for more information)
  • Design and create fiber optic cable design for cable and telephone
  • Design and create low-voltage design for telephone service
  • Determine and indicate connection points for all utilities and service stubs
  • Locate vaults and substructures for all dry utilities
  • Perform horizontal and vertical axis conflict checks with all utilities
  • Coordinate base maps with civil and landscape engineers
  • Coordinate with architect and other project team members as necessary
  • Coordinate meter or demarcation locations for all utilities
  • Prepare joint trench design, create composite drawings and Form B for gas, electric, phone and cable service
  • Design trench cross sections, indicating occupancy for each utility, and show cross street cross section depicting joint trench location relative to curb face

Contact RGA Design for Your Gas, Electric, Phone and Cable Coordination and Design

If you’re involved with planning a development that includes dry utilities, contact RGA Design.

Use our PG&E insider knowledge and deep experience with other utilities to streamline your infrastructure design and approvals. We’ve helped hundreds of clients move through the pre-construction phases as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

We’re here to help you the same way.

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