Relax with RGA Design’s Applicant Design Services

Getting gas and electric service designed and approved for a development project can be a frustrating experience. If you’ve never used PG&E’s application design services, you might be surprised how much expertise and patience is required.

PG&E and other utilities like Silicon Valley Power and City of Palo Alto Utility have a lot of rules and requirements that must be met before they’ll approve laying, moving or removing gas and electric lines.

RGA Design’s founders have over 86 years of combined experience inside PG&E. They’ve also worked with other greater Bay Area utility companies for years, so they know the rules and regulations for gas and electric designs inside out.

Our knowledge, experience and team effort enables us to quickly and efficiently get the gas and electric drawings your development needs finished and approved by PG&E and other utilities.

Get These Applicant Design Services

At RGA Design we take ownership of these applicant design service tasks and ensure they’re done correctly:

  • Create gas and electric design for development project
  • Design PG&E first submittal gas drawings, including job instructions and material summary
  • Design PG&E first submittal electric drawings, including key sketch, job instructions and material summary
  • Create material lists associated with gas and electric drawings
  • Provide all calculations for PG&E engineering designs (including short circuit duty, pulling tensions, pole sizing, anchor/down guy sizing and gas flow calculations)
  • Coordinate with AT&T, Comcast and other cable companies as necessary
  • Obtain AT&T, Comcast and other cable company designs to include them in composite drawing and redraft them for clarity using the latest civil background

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If your development project involves gas or electric lines, contact RGA Design. Use our PG&E insider knowledge and deep experience with other power utilities to streamline your infrastructure design and approvals.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients move through the pre-construction phases efficiently and as painlessly as possible.

We’re here to help you the same way.

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